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Quartermaster Shop: Very good and accurate supplier of Military uniforms and equipment 1846 – 1898. Can be pricey, but accurate on detail. They seem to be known among military re-enactors for quality uniforms. (I usually get my chevrons from them)

USHIST: Very good and accurate supplier of Military uniforms & Civilian clothing mostly from 1846- 1918. They also seem to be known for their quality uniforms. Very good site to also get information on uniform pieces. (I have bought several Military and Civilian hats from them)

S&S Firearms: They are a supplier of both Authentic and Reproduction military gear and firearm parts. Their prices for reproduction uniforms appear to be very economical. (I have ordered many firearm parts, but no uniform, or equipment pieces from them yet. They do provide excellent original insignia.)

Coon Creek: Supplier out of Tucson that supplies Civil War to Span-Am War Military items. Prices appear      average to pricey on some items. I have bought some things from them and always excellent quality. Custom make uniforms and pieces to order/fit. Only place I know that makes the IW Dress helmets and Shakos. Spoke to owner Feb 2015 and they are getting close to retirement and likely closing.

VRC Mercantile: Excellent supplier of Indian Wars (only) leather gear, packs, canteens and a few misc items. Competitively priced, and they make all the items at their location. No import junk. (I have gotten quite a bit from him and always good quality).

Carrico’s Leatherworks: Excellent supplier of Civil War to Indian Wars Military leather gear and saddles. They also make cowboy leather belts, holsters and knife sheaths. Some custom orders. Priced very well, and all items are made at their shop. They supply to Hollywood Movie Studios and frequently have studio used pieces for sale at reduced cost. (I have bought several items and was pleased with the quality).

Dell’s Leatherworks: Supplier of mostly anything leather of the Civil War period and a little afterwards, but they do have some other non-leather misc items. They state they can duplicate anything in leather that you provide them, or good pictures. (This is the supplier I got my pocket watch carriers and drum stick sheaths from)

Dirty Billy’s Hats: Supplier of US military hats from 17th Century to 20th Century. They are known for quality hats, but quite pricey. (They are the only known maker I know of that makes the m1872 “Folding” Andrews hat for $150. Highly prized by I.W. re-enactors.)

Crazy Crow: Many misc 19th century items. Their specialty I was referred to them for , was knives.

Blockade Runners: Pretty much Civil War supplier, but carries economically priced tents and equipment that can be used for I.W. . They are major supplier favorite for Civil War re-enactors.


Panther Primitives: Maker of quality tents as well as many misc reproduction items of the last 1000 years. Mostly items used around camps. Cookware, utensils, knives, lanterns etc.

Mercury Sutler: Economical supplier of Military Uniforms & Equipment 1835-1898. They also do custom orders. They have recently added economically priced tents. Their website does not contain all that they carry. They plan to offer a complete 1874 (Cavalry or Infantry) Uniform for around $325. (Correct kepi, Coat (piped & Lined), shirt, suspenders, US belt, pants, and smooth finish brogans. Should be ready for ordering soon, if not already). They are just getting the 1872 Kepi lined up for production.  Mixed opinions on quality of outfits and pieces from unusable to “OK” for the price. I have had some decent items and some that needed to be sent back for tayloring. IW Kepi is not excat copy nd appears to be modified CW Kepi.

The links and information below are for  Civil War and Indian Wars.  Compiled by Brian Bever with his comments.  Brian also compiled a nice pictorial guide for uniforms, gear and weapons.  Click here for the guide.