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Clothing and Supplies

Hat, Kepi, Hardee Hat

There are three main types. The Kepi is a small cap like hat with a short brim made of leather. They were the most common. There is the Hardee hat which was issued earlier in the Civil War and became more of a dress hat as time progressed. And then wide brim hats. These were more common in the western states and are more practical as far as shade for your face. Usually of felt or straw.


Brogans were made from leather and usually had heel plates attached to the bottoms to decrease wear of the leather soles. There are no left and right shoes- they were all made from the same form!


Most were cotton. Calico and checked patterns were common but some units were issued white. Any type that is a pull over with no pockets, a small collar and 3 or 4 buttons is good.

Wool pants with suspenders

All the uniforms were made of wool. They have a 5 button front, buttons for suspenders front and back and a slit in the rear upper seam with button holes to allow the waist to be adjusted.

Suspenders: white usually. With either single or double button ends.

Coat or Frock coat

2 basic types; Sack coat. A 5 button wool coat with a pocket sewn into the front inside. Comes to just below your waist line. Frock Coat. Longer version of the sack coat. Usually comes to just above your knees. Later in the war used for dress uniforms.

Great Coat

For the cold. A multi layer coat worn over your uniform. There are infantry and cavalry versions.


Your carryall. used for food, drink, etc.


For carrying your cap pouch and bayonet. Also need a buckle. There are many styles to choose from.


Made of stainless steel or tin.


Covered with wool of various colors and slung with either a cotton or leather strap so you can carry it. The steel ones are more expensive but also last longer and are easier to maintain.


Ear protection. Essential item on the field of battle with cannons roaring and firing lines shooting volleys. Remember that hearing loss is painless. You don't know it's gone until it's too late.



Enfield rifle: used primarily by the Confederacy, a 58 cal muzzle loading rifle.

Springfield rifle: used primarily by the Federal forces, a 58 cal muzzle loading rifle.

Musket Cleaning kit

There are several things that are needed to keep a black powder musket clean.  This document by Jim Crosson shows the essentials.

Bayonet and Scabard

For looks only. Never drawn on the battlefield. But a useful tool none the less.

Paper Cartridges and Caps

Caps and cartridges. The caps are purchased in tins of 100. They are a drop of fulminate of mercury that creates a spark that detonates the powder charge in the rifle. Cartridges are the powder charge for the musket. Usually 70 grains of black powder. You have to either make these by hand or you can purchase ones already made.

Cartridge Box

Leather box suspended on a leather strap that you put your cartridges in.

Cap Pouch

For carrying the percussion caps needed to fire your weapon. Usually has a small piece of sheeps wool inside to keep the caps from falling out.

Below are the basic items needed by an Infantry Civil War Re-enactor.