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150th Anniversary Commemorative Medals - Battle of Picacho Pass 1862

The ACWC has unveiled two medals (Union and Confederate) that will commemorate the 150th Battle of Picacho Peak, the westernmost battle of the Civil War.  These medals are available to re-enactors who participated in the 2012 Civil War in the Southwest event in March 2012.   

All profits from the sale of these medals go to support the Civil War in the Southwest event.

Click here to find out more about how to get your medal before they are all gone.  Click here for the order form.

Upcoming events:

Civil War Reenactments at Pioneer Living History Village

January 10-11, 2015

The Village Green and surrounding grounds will once again reverberate to the sound of cannon-fire. Soldiers in Blue and Grey will face off in life-and-death confrontation, hoping for victory, praying for the chance to live another day.

Staged by the AZ Civil War Council, re-enactors will descend on Pioneer from all over the southwest to participate in battles and skirmishes during the two day event. In addition to 2 or 3 battles each day, visitors will be treated to short seminars illuminating the life of the average soldier during this epic time in our nation’s history. Learn about the weapons and their effectiveness. Walk into a Union or Confederate camp and chat with the men and women who had to suffer the privations and the primitive conditions it demanded.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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About the ACWC

The Arizona Civil War Council (ACWC) is the oldest, continually serving reenactment group in the state of Arizona.  It was formed in 1983 and incorporated in 1986 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization.

We love to teach history, in classrooms, at reenactment events, and at multiple events across the country.  Members of the ACWC participate in several events throughout the year including reenactments, living history displays, parades, school lectures, cultural events, state park demonstrations, and have served as extras in movies and television shows.

Members of the ACWC participate as both Union and Confederate solders.  The three units include:

- Company D, 1st U.S. Infantry Regiment

- 6th Texas Infantry

- Civilians Auxiliary Guild

We welcome all new members who love history, love to teach it, camp in period tents, and re-live American history.   

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