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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Civil War re-enactor and for viewing the Arizona Civil War website.

Becoming a member of the Arizona Civil War Council is an exciting and learning experience for you and your family. We are a historically based reenacting group, portraying Union, Confederate and Civilian groups. We are an organization that likes to share with the public and schools the history of the Civil War, especially from two viewpoints:  from the common soldier’s perspective and the battles and campaigns in the Southwest.  Many people don’t realize that the Civil War battles extended as far west as Arizona and the New Mexico Territory, and that what is now Arizona was once the New Mexico Territory.  The westernmost Battle of the Civil War actually took place in Arizona, the battle of Picacho Pass.  Every year in March the biggest Civil War reenactment occurs at Picacho Peak State Park.

We currently have men, women and children with the ACWC, all of whom portray a variety of authentic impressions. Although you have the choice of Infantry groups, Artillery or a Civilian group the choice is yours. If you wish to join one or all the groups, that is also fine. The main thing we want you to do is have fun, learn, live and teach the history of the past with your new hobby.

You can contact us at (480) 720-6993 or at